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It’s more than a service, it’s our solution.


Hello, and welcome to the Modern Energy blog. This is where you will find recent company happenings, current industry news, and other useful pieces of information regarding the renewable energy sector.

As stated on our company page, we are a full-spectrum renewable energy company that focuses on the complete energy portfolio of your home, farm, or business. This means that we believe in saving you as much money as possible, whether that be from solar panels, LED lighting, or by simply adding insulation to your attic.

Like you, we don’t like paying for things that we don’t need, and that is why we created our unique GoME (as in, ‘I went green, go me!’) process. With only four steps, it’s simple, but ensures that you are maximizing your savings each and every month.

We first start by assessing the situation. Whether you own a home, business, or farm, it’s important to understand your current energy needs, and areas where they can be reduced.

Then, we boost your efficiency. Once inefficient areas have been identified, we get to work fixing them. Whether it be new insulation in your home attic, or swapping LED lights for all of the old bulbs in your facility, we have a simple, economical solution that fits your needs.

Add renewable energy when needed or desired. After your energy demand has been minimized, we work with you to add renewable energy to your home, farm or business. We offer solar, wind, and hybrid systems that not only reduce your utility cost, but adds value to your property.

Finally, we make sure your energy is secure. We minimize, and may even eliminate, your dependency on third-party energy providers through advanced energy storage and management systems - this allows you to own your power, instead of just renting it.

We are much more than simply a solar panel or wind turbine installer - we are energy geeks, that have a passion for helping you save money, while also helping the environment.

If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Thanks for reading.

Johnathan Gioffre

Founder & President

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