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Protecting the Planet (and your wallet) on Earth Day


Earth Day was first observed on this day, 45 years ago. It’s initial purpose was to raise awareness of environmental issues, and provide a day for peaceful activism. Although the philosophy has remained constant throughout the years, the focus has broadened to include not only pollution and animal conservation, but also global warming and energy consumption.

With this, it’s interesting to consider that the average American household spends more on home energy bills and gasoline than health care or property taxes each year1.

Although interesting, it’s not overly-surprising - we are dealt a very attractive hand of cards when it comes to technology. Just about everything we own needs to be plugged into an outlet at some point (if not all the time). Whether it’s your home office, HVAC system, mobile device, and/or your entertainment system, all of these components use energy, and cost money to operate. We know this because of the high energy bills we see every month.

So how can you minimize your energy consumption and energy costs? One way to help limit the monthly burden is by improving your energy conservation. A primary way to improve the energy efficiency (conservation) in your home is to hire a trained energy auditor.

An energy auditor performs energy assessments and energy audits. Much like an inspection, an energy audit is an analysis of energy use and a breakdown of a home’s total energy consumption. Once the data is collected and then put into a report, the auditor is able to grade the performance level of various components of the home. (i.e., walls, ceilings, HVAC equipment, and air-tightness)

Think of it this way, your efficiency score is very similar to the” MPG” of your car. The better the “MPG” rating, the better your home’s energy performance. As trained auditors, we look at buildings as a system, rather than just a building. With this asset-type rating and analysis, the grade you receive is based on the home and not you, the homeowner. This unbiased approach is the cornerstone to our unique GoMe process.

Our GoMe process is intended to fully optimize energy solutions that are directly tailored to your home. This way, any upgrade we suggest will be to the best level possible given what the infrastructure will allow. This process also allows us to establish deep energy retrofit options for major remodeling jobs to lower energy usage down the road.

So when it comes to protecting the earth and conserving its resources, an easy way to start is by prioritizing your household energy bills. Celebrate Earth Day by scheduling an energy assessment with Modern Energy - we can help you be kind to both the Earth and your wallet.


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Thanks for reading.

Johnathan Gioffre

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